Dog Adoption Application

Please note that we provide adoption services to those within a 100 mile radius of our office in West Chester, PA. We are a small group with a limited volunteer base. Each home requires a home visit in addition to the actual adoption. We do not have a kennel facility and all of our dogs are fostered in private homes in the PA, NJ, DE, and MD regions. If you are outside of this area please contact a group closer to you. We appreciate your understanding.

Interested in adopting a dog from Arctic Spirit Rescue? Please fill out the application below and we will follow up soon:

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    Current Pets

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    Are your current pets up to date on vaccinations? If not, please explain: (required)

    If you currently have pets, please provide the name, address, and phone number of your Vet. Please also contact them to give permission for them to speak with us. If this is a new vet (a year or less) please provide contact information for your previous vet where your pet's records can be verified. (required)

    Have you ever had to re-home a dog that you previously owned? Please explain the circumstances. (required)

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    Getting to Know You

    Tell us about the plans you have for your new dog: pet, guard dog, obedience, agility, livestock guardian, other? (required)

    Have you ever owned a Northern Breed dog?

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    Since we are committed to finding the most appropriate home for each dog it’s helpful to know how long the dog will be left alone each day. Some dogs do better than others with being left alone. (required)

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    Do you understand that as part of the adoption agreement, you may not rehome your dog or relinquish it to a shelter? If you can no longer provide a home for your adopted dog, he/she must be returned to Arctic Spirit Rescue. (required)



    In order to expedite your application, please let your references know we'll be contacting them. One can be a relative that does not live in your home.

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    By submitting this information I confirm that the responses provided are true to the best of my ability and certify that I am over 18 years of age. I am granting permission to the representatives of Arctic Spirit Rescue, Inc to verify the information and communicate with any references provided during the application process and I confirm that as applicant, I will be the primary caregiver responsible for a dog adopted from Arctic Spirit Rescue.

    NOTE: Please ensure all required fields are filled out prior to submitting. Also please be patient, as the form may take some time to fully submit. If you experience repeated issues, please email [email protected]. Thanks!