Dog Relinquishment

We understand that relinquishing any pet is difficult. It helps us to have some basic information about your dog to determine how we can best assist. Please fill out the following form. A director will contact you when we receive this information.

Due to our limited network of foster homes, we are limited to assisting the dogs within a 100 mile radius of our West Chester, PA office. If you are beyond that area please contact a shelter or group closer to your home.

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    Please list the pets that are currently in your home (breed, weight, age). How has this dog interacted with them?

    Thank you for providing this information. It will allow us to determine how we can best assist. Please note that all of our dogs are fostered in experienced, private homes. For this reason, we take great care to make sure incoming dogs are compatible with the foster home’s current lifestyle. Our network of local foster homes is limited and we always have a list of dogs waiting for our help so it can often take a significant amount of time to bring dogs into our network. We encourage you to continue searching for a new option for your dog and if you are successful please let us know so that we can close your dog’s file. You can learn more about us by visiting our website and social media venues. A Director will contact you soon.