Hazel, A Siberian Husky Available for Adoption in Pennsylvania

ADOPTED – Hazel – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Adopted! Santa brought Hazel a family for Christmas! We will certainly miss this fan favorite but we’re so happy she has a family complete with two Sibe Siblings. Congratulations to all! Hazel, formerly Sojo, is back through… Read More

Loki is a Siberian Husky available for adoption!

ADOPTED – Loki – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Adopted! Loki scored a forever family! This handsome young man now has his own people and a Sibe brother to hang out with. Congratulations to all! Loki is a Handsome 7 month old black and white boy… Read More

ADOPTED – Chai – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Adopted! Our petite little Chai needed a family that was familiar with Husky ways that could keep her busy. Chai is such a sweet soul and we knew this home would love her as we would. Congratulations… Read More

Bailey the Siberian Husky is available for adoption!

ADOPTED – Bailey – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: ADOPTED! Bailey scored a forever home! This gorgeous girl is now loved and cared for where her sweet personality is appreciated and treasured. Congratulations to Bailey and her new family! Meet Bailey, a five year old Husky… Read More

ADOPTED – Sojo – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Adopted! Sojo went from a nameless commercial breeder to a much loved family member. She now knows what unconditional love, soft blankets, gentle voices, and yummy dog treats are. We always love it when previous adopters come… Read More

ADOPTED – Dallin – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: ADOPTED! Sometimes things are just meant to be! Dallin really lucked out when he landed in a foster home with years of experience with sight-impaired Huskies. Poor Dallin not only had to adjust to another change but… Read More

Sasha is a 10 year old Siberian Husky Mix looking for her forever home!

ADOPTED – Sasha – Siberian Husky Mix

UPDATE: ADOPTED! This spunky senior mix found herself a forever family! Sasha needed an adopter that was able to provide a yard that keeps Sasha where she belongs. This stealthy escape artist is doing well with her canine… Read More

Bear is an Alaskan Malamute looking for his forever home.

ADOPTED – Bear – Alaskan Malamute

UPDATE: Adopted! We are so pleased to announce the adoption of Bear – our gentle giant. Bear was very popular and we received many inquiries but ASR is always committed to finding the perfect home no matter how… Read More

ADOPTED – Maya – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Adopted! We just love happy endings and in Maya’s case, Subaru was the matchmaker! Maya’s adopters met her at Subaru’s 2021 Make a Dog’s Day Fest in Chester, PA. It was love at first sight for this… Read More

ADOPTED- Lilah – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Our lovely Lilah adopted a forever girl! We can tell by the pictures we’ve received that Lilah is very happy. Congratulations to all! 7 year old Lilah came to us from a local mill breeder. Her job… Read More