Dasher is looking for his forever home!

ADOPT – Dasher – Siberian Husky

One year old Dasher (Dash for short) is a large, young boy with some special needs. He was found on Christmas Eve and was turned over by the police to an animal hospital/shelter, who quickly found him challenging. He then found his way to Arctic Spirit.

Poor Dash has high levels of anxiety and becomes quite stressed in a crate or small dog run. He had clearly never been taught manners, although he was neutered and in good physical shape. Dash was medicated to keep him calm and manage the anxiety, but one of the medications lowered his seizure threshold and after a couple of seizures his meds were adjusted.

Dash is slowly learning manners and is now on anti-seizure medications, which he will likely need to continue throughout his lifetime. Dash was very mouthy when he came in so he cannot be placed in a home with children. He really loves people, but can be a handful and has difficulty turning down the energy once he’s excited. Because of his separation anxiety, he should not be left alone for long periods of time.

Dash needs exercise and/or walks regularly – right now at least twice a day. This helps his behavior and his stress. He knows some commands and is willing to learn for just about any treat you can think of (including broccoli and cauliflower!). He will do best with an experienced owner who understands seizure conditions and how to handle a dog who bounces off the walls. He isn’t necessarily aggressive with other dogs but doesn’t read social cues and other dogs don’t appreciate his full-on personality, so he would be best as an only dog.

Dash is your typical young husky and will find things to do if he is bored which may or may not be to your liking. He’s recently taken up scootering as a hobby which we would recommend continuing. When not distracted, he’s very fast and has great stamina. Not overweight at 75 pounds, he’s a strong guy. Dash is pretty sure he’s a great hunter. We’ve been able to avoid catching deer, foxes, squirrels, and other animals, but it requires a strong handler as he pulls significantly.

Dash does love petting and belly rubs as he learns to trust his people. He’s a master counter surfer. You shouldn’t trust him with your dinner!

We have no doubt that Dash will thrive in the right home. He’s an affectionate guy looking for consistency and the love he so deserves.

  • Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and fully vetted
  • No children
  • No cats or small animals
  • Needs an active home
  • Canine experience necessary

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