Juneau is a very handsome white Siberian Husky ready for adoption in the Greater Philadelphia area.

ADOPTED – Juneau – Siberian Husky

Our handsome senior scored the perfect forever home! This sweet guy has retired with a senior canine brother and loving Mom who appreciates and understands those Siberian Husky traits we all know and love. Plenty of leisurely walks… Read More

Barrett is a handsome German Shepherd / Husky mix in Pennsylvania.

ADOPTED – Barrett – Siberian Husky / German Shepherd Mix

UPDATE: This stunning young guy didn’t waste any time scoring admirers! Barrett is pleased to announce that he chose to live with an ASR volunteer family so we’ll surely see more of him now and then. Congratulations to… Read More

Apollo is a Siberian Husky German Shepherd Mix. What a handsome boy!

ADOPTED – Apollo – Siberian Husky / German Shepherd Mix

UPDATE: We brought our handsome Apollo with us to the Lower Providence Fall Festival and he was a huge hit! His good looks and very sweet personality charmed everyone he met. Congratulations to him and his very happy… Read More

Kita is a beautiful female Siberian Husky available for adoption!

ADOPTED – Kita – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Congratulations to Kita and her new forever family! Kita came to us with some very specific needs. We knew she would thrive with a patient, Siberian experienced family that could provide the love and consistency she craved…. Read More

Al the Siberian Husky is available for adoption!

ADOPTED – Al – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Look who found a home for the holidays! Al looks pretty happy. We knew this active family could provide the home Al was looking for. Congratulations to all and welcome to the ASR family! Meet Al –… Read More

Meet Hendrix - He's a happy 1-2 year old black and white Siberian Husky available for adoption!

ADOPTED – Hendrix – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Adopted! We knew this handsome guy wouldn’t be around for long! It was love at first sight when Hendrix’s family saw him. They knew he’d be a great match for their active young Siberian. This Sibe experienced… Read More

Meet Petty the Siberian Husky Cattle Dog mix!

ADOPTED – Petty – Siberian Husky / Cattle Dog Mix

UPDATE: Adopted! We’re not sure who adopted who but Petty sure is looking quite at home these days! Dan has always wanted a dog and has patiently waited for the right one.The future is bright for this pair!… Read More

Banner - Male Siberian Husky / German Shepherd mix.

ADOPTED – Banner – Siberian Husky / German Shepherd Mix

We knew this handsome young mix wouldn’t be with us for long! He was an opportunist and definitely took advantage of his visit with Santa Claus. His wish was for a forever home with a fur sibling to… Read More

Aspen is a male red and white Siberian Husky.

ADOPTED – Aspen – Siberian Husky

Aspen must have been a very good boy because Santa brought him a forever home! This confused young guy came to us from a crowded shelter who recognized he needed to be surrounded by people who were familiar… Read More

Luna is a female Siberian Husky looking for her forever home!

ADOPTED – Luna – Siberian Husky

ADOPTED! Our adorable Luna found her forever home! She chose well and made sure it included a Siberian brother for her to hang out with. Congratulations to all. Original Bio Meet Luna – a petite (32 pounds) 2… Read More