Misty the Siberian Husky

ADOPTED – Misty: Siberian Husky

UPDATE: ADOPTED! We knew it would be a challenge to find a home for two dogs. It was even more difficult knowing that home couldn’t have any other dogs. Misty and Maverick came to us confused and full… Read More

Loki the all white Siberian Husky was adopted in PA!

ADOPTED – Loki – Siberian Husky

Young Loki got lucky when he landed in his home! Years of Husky experience, a pretty Siberian sister, and an active lifestyle offered exactly what he needs. Welcome home Loki, and congratulations to everyone!

Ace the Siberian Husky

ADOPTED – Ace – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Adopted! We love that Siberian Smile! Ace came to us with numerous issues to overcome. Due to an experienced, patient foster home that’s no stranger to challenges he has made significant progress. He is now adopted and… Read More

Brewster is a senior Shepherd Mix looking for a second chance at a good life.

ADOPTED – Brewster – Shepherd Mix

UPDATE: Brewster is Adopted! We knew when we saw Brewster we had to help despite the fact that there’s clearly no Northern breed of anything in that sweet guy. We are concerned about the overcrowding our local shelters… Read More

Odee - black and white male Siberian Husky

ADOPTED – Odee – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Adopted! Good things will come to those who wait – or so we hear! Odee was with us for a while. He endured several failed shelter adoptions due to his extreme Siberian traits and unbelievable energy that… Read More

Ember is a beautiful young red & white Siberian Husky who's looking for her forever home!

ADOPTED – Ember – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Our beautiful Ember knew exactly what she wanted and was willing to wait for that perfect home. Her wait was worth it! Her new Dad commented that walks around the neighborhood take longer now since everyone stops… Read More

Juneau is a very handsome white Siberian Husky ready for adoption in the Greater Philadelphia area.

ADOPTED – Juneau – Siberian Husky

Our handsome senior scored the perfect forever home! This sweet guy has retired with a senior canine brother and loving Mom who appreciates and understands those Siberian Husky traits we all know and love. Plenty of leisurely walks… Read More

Barrett is a handsome German Shepherd / Husky mix in Pennsylvania.

ADOPTED – Barrett – Siberian Husky / German Shepherd Mix

UPDATE: This stunning young guy didn’t waste any time scoring admirers! Barrett is pleased to announce that he chose to live with an ASR volunteer family so we’ll surely see more of him now and then. Congratulations to… Read More

Apollo is a Siberian Husky German Shepherd Mix. What a handsome boy!

ADOPTED – Apollo – Siberian Husky / German Shepherd Mix

UPDATE: We brought our handsome Apollo with us to the Lower Providence Fall Festival and he was a huge hit! His good looks and very sweet personality charmed everyone he met. Congratulations to him and his very happy… Read More

Kita is a beautiful female Siberian Husky available for adoption!

ADOPTED – Kita – Siberian Husky

UPDATE: Congratulations to Kita and her new forever family! Kita came to us with some very specific needs. We knew she would thrive with a patient, Siberian experienced family that could provide the love and consistency she craved…. Read More