ADOPTED – Pearl – Siberian Husky

Pearl the white Siberian Husky is adopted!
UPDATE: Adopted!
You haven’t heard much about our darling little Pearl. Well, she’s so stinking cute, a handful of Husky energy, adorably beautiful, and is full-on Husky when it comes to mischief. But as we suspected, she’s the thief that stole her foster family’s hearts, and she has been officially adopted by them.
She needed a few weeks to settle in and get her bearings, but she settled in with her new family as if she belonged there forever. Pearl quickly made friends with the family dogs and adores her three new kids. And she’s thrilled to sleep with her new parents and be appropriately adorable when not getting into trouble. No one was surprised to hear she can’t leave, in fact, we would have been surprised if they let her go.
Congratulations to our beautiful new successful “Foster to Adopt” story – Way to Go Pearl!