Arctic Spirit Rescue | Permanent Resident | Nikka, Siberian Husky

PERMANENT RESIDENT – Nikka – Siberian Husky

2024 has brought a new title to our spunky senior. She is now a permanent resident of ASR! 12 year old Nikka has been with us for a couple of years and has developed several health issues, most of which are chronic or due to the natural aging process. It’s always more difficult to find adopters for a senior dog and we have had a few applicants but due to her arthritis she has limitations such as stairs. We are so pleased that the foster home which has lovingly cared for her since her first day with ASR has agreed to keep her right where she is. She’s staying with the people she knows the best in the home she’s the most comfortable in. This will also allow us to continue providing the care she needs using the veterinarians who she’s the most comfortable with and who are familiar with her history. You’ll still see Nikka at events now and then.

Congratulations on your important new status, Nikka! We love you!

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