Brewster is a senior Shepherd Mix looking for a second chance at a good life.

ADOPTED – Brewster – Shepherd Mix

Brewster the senior Shepherd Mix finally found his forever home in Southeastern PA!
UPDATE: Brewster is Adopted!
We knew when we saw Brewster we had to help despite the fact that there’s clearly no Northern breed of anything in that sweet guy. We are concerned about the overcrowding our local shelters are dealing with and want to help when we’re able. The stars aligned and we quickly found an excellent foster home for him. He was in bad shape with obvious signs of long term neglect. Slow and steady is our motto and over time we were able to drastically improve his health. The public’s support for Brewster has been heartwarming and with their help, we were able to provide all of the veterinary care, medications, and supplements that he required. In return, we promised to find him the perfect home. We were thrilled when part of his caregiver team told us they wanted to adopt him. This was the best case scenario for our guy whose confidence and trust had finally been restored. Congratulations to Brewster and his new family! We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It’s why we do what we do.

Brewster came to us with only a few hours to spare before he met his demise in an overcrowded city shelter. He was relinquished to the shelter by owners who didn’t want him anymore after allegedly owning him for years. This sweet, sad senior didn’t know what he did wrong. Despite not having regular veterinary care and signs of neglect he remained hopeful and his scared, tired soul managed to greet every stranger at the shelter with a wag of his tail.

We saw the plea and couldn’t leave him there. Clearly, there’s little-to-no Northern breed in this handsome guy but that’s okay. He broke many hearts and we were ready to save him. We were able to secure an appropriate foster home who was willing to work with us and our vets to provide the care that was obviously denied him in the past. He’s still working on becoming strong enough to be neutered and to heal from a double ear infection that appears to be chronic and not previously treated. He’s gained some weight and his handsome coat is now back to where it should be.

There’s no reason for this guy to hang his head any longer! He’s finally surrounded by people who love and care for him. When he’s ready we’ll place him in a forever home that will love and care for him for the rest of his life. We thank everyone that came forward to help Brewster. It takes a village and we live in a generous and compassionate one.

Brewster isn’t available for adoption yet, but stay tuned for updates on him soon! Also be sure to read more about Brewster’s story.