Why Foster Homes Matter – Brewster’s Story

Anyone who’s familiar with rescue life knows that not everything goes as planned. In fact, not very much goes as planned! Brewster is the perfect example.

Brewster the Shepherd mix was in sad shape much like many dogs turned into shelters. He deserved a new chance at life.

We weren’t anticipating another dog at the moment. All of our foster homes were full and we already have a senior resident with special needs and vet expenses to go with those needs as well as two other dogs that were currently being vetted. But then it happened. We saw Brewster’s face….and his emaciated body. We learned he was taken to an overwhelmed local city shelter that was already bursting at the seams and begging for help. Brewster was time stamped which meant the clock was ticking and if a rescue group didn’t take him within the next 24 hours he’d be making that short walk down their long hall to be euthanized. It’s the sad reality of a disposable society. Shelters are faced with numerous relinquishes and stray animals daily. They keep them for as long as they can before they have to make some very difficult decisions. Most shelters will work with rescue groups that meet their criteria. Unfortunately, many do not meet that. Arctic Spirit Rescue does and is rescue partners with numerous shelters in our own region. Sadly, we are limited by our foster homes just as most shelters are.

We took a chance and posted a plea to our followers that we had a very short number of hours to find a responsible foster home that would commit to this dog’s needs whether it be short term or long term. This often brings us well meaning individuals that just want to “save the dog” with no thought as to their lifestyle compatibility to commit to a dog that will require numerous vet visits and a lot of TLC. We got lucky and a potential foster home came forward who understood what they needed to do. Within an hour our foster coordinator was on the road to rescue Brewster.

Poor exhausted Brewster fell asleep moments after being picked up from the shelter.

The outpouring of love and support for this dog has been heartwarming and encouraging. For this we are grateful. There are many more just like Brewster that slip through the cracks each and every day. Our local shelters need our help and rescue groups need foster homes. Make 2019 the year you resolve to make a difference. Fill out our foster application. Our foster coordinator will contact you to discuss what type of dog would be best for your home. We work hard to make responsible matches so the experience is a positive, fulfilling one for everyone. Our foster team is always available to coordinate necessary care and support. You’ll never be faced with making numerous calls to reach your support team. We work with numerous vets in the tri-state area with the list constantly growing. Our bills are paid immediately so you’ll never be faced with vet care being denied. We cover all medications, necessary supplements, and vet care, and include our foster homes in the adoption process.

Become part of our team and help us save even more broken hearts left at our local shelters in PA, NJ, and DE. Brewster thanks you.