Perrie's ready to play! She's a young Siberian Husky ready for adoption.

ADOPTED! – Perrie – Siberian Husky


Perrie is an energetic 2 year old Siberian Husky with a passion for life. She is a small size for a Husky and is a healthy weight. She will seek out bones to gnaw on and likes soft dog beds, sofas, and chairs. Perrie likes to go for walks and tries, not always successfully, not to pull her human along. It’s hard when the world is so interesting. Perrie is very loveable and will climb into your lap and give kisses. She takes treats gently and loves the companionship of both humans and canines.

Perrie wants nothing more than love and to play, and revels in playing with her canine housemates. Not everyone has her energy, a fact she doesn’t quite understand and works hard at urging the other dogs to play. She loves to run outdoors, and would love to catch one of these squirrels who visit her yard! Because of her high prey instinct, she cannot be adopted to a home with cats or other small furry pets.

Perrie came into rescue as a stray and is collar shy. She needs an owner who understands that insecurity. She is a little mouthy and needs consistent reinforcement and patient redirection to give her the confidence she needs. She would work best in a home with another dog of similar size and play level that loves to play Husky style, and a patient, canine experienced owner with no young children willing to help her be the perfect canine citizen she has the potential to be.

  • No young children.
  • Needs active canine playmate – 30 lbs. or over.
  • Spayed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccinations.

Perrie found her forever home, but if you’re still interested in adopting a dog, we have plenty of other great candidates on our Adoptable Dogs page.

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