Dog relinquishments increase at the start of every year following holidays.

With a New Year Comes Increased Dog Relinquishments

The beginning of the year calls began at 8am on New Year’s Day and have continued daily since then. “I need to relinquish my dog immediately!”. This is nothing new for any rescue group. It has been perpetuated… Read More

Pearl the Siberian Husky adopted by her foster home.

Failed Foster – A Successful Failure

Sometimes failing stinks, but once in a while, it’s a beautiful thing. Huh? I’m talking about the times when a foster family falls in Love. Big, gob-smacking love, when they know that the dog they’ve cared for has… Read More

Why Foster Homes Matter – Brewster’s Story

Anyone who’s familiar with rescue life knows that not everything goes as planned. In fact, not very much goes as planned! Brewster is the perfect example. We weren’t anticipating another dog at the moment. All of our foster… Read More

We're proud to announce the Arctic Spirit Rescue 2018 Iditarun 5K Run & 1 Mile Dog Walk on April 14th at Oakbourne Park in West Chester PA!

EVENT: Iditarun 2018 – 5K Run & 1 Mile Dog Walk – April 14th

It’s that time of the year again! We are proud to announce the return of the annual Arctic Spirit Rescue Iditarun 2018 5K Run and 1 Mile Dog Walk. The run will once again be hosted at the… Read More

Phoebe is a 12 year old female Siberian Husky that is being fostered by Arctic Spirit Rescue after her owner passed away.

Arctic Spirit Rescue Helps Senior Siberian Husky in Need

Introducing Phoebe, a loving 12 year old Senior Siberian Husky whose sad story caught our attention. We were contacted by Phoebe’s caregiver with a plea for help. Phoebe belonged to her Mother who had her since a puppy…. Read More

Ask The Trainer: How to Potty Train a New Puppy

House training is at the top of the list when you bring home a new puppy or dog. It can also be one the more frustrating aspects of dog training. Some puppies just don’t learn very quickly that… Read More

The Truth About Special Needs Dogs

When Arctic Spirit Rescue asked me to write about an article about “Special Needs” dogs, a myriad of subjects came to mind. My husband and I are suckers for dogs with disabilities to the point where I started… Read More

So You Want A Siberian Husky!

We’ve heard it all through the years: “They have such pretty blue eyes!” “They look like a wolf!” “My cousin’s best friend’s neighbor had one when I was a child, they’re cool.” They’re often seen in blockbuster movies… Read More

Canine Epilepsy – Signs & How to Treat

Since Izzy is looking for his forever home we asked our primary Veterinarian – Dr. Amy Kidd of Pocopson Veterinary Station in West Chester, PA – for some information about canine seizure disorders. Izzy was treated by Dr…. Read More

The Lucky 11!

This month marks the one year anniversary of the launch of Arctic Spirit Rescue! Make no mistake, it hasn’t all been fun and games but it has been satisfying. There’s no better feeling than to know your efforts and… Read More