Phoebe is a 12 year old female Siberian Husky that is being fostered by Arctic Spirit Rescue after her owner passed away.

Arctic Spirit Rescue Helps Senior Siberian Husky in Need

Meet Phoebe: A 12 year old female black and white Siberian Husky.
Introducing Phoebe, a loving 12 year old Senior Siberian Husky whose sad story caught our attention. We were contacted by Phoebe’s caregiver with a plea for help. Phoebe belonged to her Mother who had her since a puppy. Sadly Phoebe’s mother, the only home she ever knew, passed away unexpectedly. This left family members scrambling to not only deal with their grief but also find the best option for poor Phoebe, who was just as confused.

It Takes a Village

Phoebe’s owner’s daughter stepped up and lovingly took her in. Unfortunately, due to a severe case of asthma, it became impossible for Phoebe to stay. They were determined to keep her out of the shelter system since they knew her chances at an overcrowded and overwhelmed shelter would not be great. They depended upon the generosity of family friends who could take her in now and then. When there was no one to help she found herself living outside.
Phoebe is a senior black and white female Siberian Husky.

When we heard her story we knew we had to help. We knew she would need veterinary care which we immediately provided, as well as a full groom to remove 12 years of old “fluff”. When she emerged from the grooming salon we couldn’t believe it was the same dog. She proudly strutted out to us, clearly proud of her new makeover. She has settled in with her foster parents where she is once again being pampered and spoiled.

Phoebe is a new addition to Arctic Spirit Rescue.

Be sure to watch her progress on on our Facebook page. If you’d like a quiet companion to keep you company please contact us. Welcome to Arctic Spirit Rescue Phoebe! We are glad we could help, and thanks to her family for making sure she’s safe and loved.

Update: Phoebe’s senior needs have required significant vet bills. Please consider helping out with a small donation.