How Hot Is Too Hot? Don’t Leave Dogs In Hot Cars

It’s summer and the heat is on! It’s a great time to remind everyone that our canine friends don’t tolerate the heat as well as we do. They depend upon us to keep them safe and comfortable. One of the most imminent dangers this time of year is leaving your pet in your car. The temperature rises much faster than we might think and within minutes it becomes a life threatening situation. Although many states are now announcing tougher guidelines for owners of pets left in cars the responsibility ultimately lands on a pet owner’s shoulders to be educated and make responsible decisions for those who depend completely upon us. By the time an officer or animal control official arrives on the scene it could be too late. It’s always a sobering reminder when we see data like this from the folks at Petplan

In-car temperatures rise quickly! Infographic created by Petplan.
In-car temperatures rise quickly! Infographic created by Petplan.

Parking in the shade or leaving the car windows open does very little to keep your pet cool. Some people rely on remote start to keep the car running, however what they also don’t realize is it sometimes deactivates if the keys are too far from the car and it generally shuts off after ten minutes. The danger of heat stroke occurs even more quickly for short nosed breeds as well as breeds with long, thick coats or young puppies. With just 15 short minutes of suffering organ failure, seizures, coma, or even death can occur. It’s difficult for anyone to get out of a grocery store within 15 minutes so that “quick trip” can easily turn into a nightmare for everyone.

We encourage everyone to be vigilant and educate those who may not understand the risks. Have a safe and comfortable summer enjoying the weather with your furry friends!

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