New friend…maybe?

Curious huskies about a turtle.

Huskies and Malamutes are typically friendly pups, always on the lookout for new pals to hang out with. Of course, their exuberance is not always returned by the other party. Some time ago, Lucy and Kosmo tried to make the acquaintance of a snapping turtle who was wandering through the yard.

Lucy isn't sure what this moving rock is!

Despite their best efforts to chat with the little guy, he was not interested. So much so that he took a bite out of Lucy’s nose to get his point across. Fortunately, Mom stepped in, and further injuries to all parties were avoided. Phew!

Calvin getting nosey about a turtle.

Fast forward a few years to the present day, and it looked as though history might repeat itself. Lucy didn’t bother warning Calvin that turtles bite, so he didn’t think twice about getting nose-to-nose with a potential new friend. Needless to say, the turtle was not impressed. Poor Calvin; Mom made him go inside before he and his new friend could really get to know each other. Maybe next time!