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Rescue Takes a Village

Why we say It Takes a Village…

When people hear “We help run a Dog Rescue”, the image that comes to mind is probably pretty simple. A lost dog. How hard can that be? Bring them home, feed them, hopefully find someone to take them, mission accomplished. They probably picture a doggy version of a “Cat Lady” with too many dogs running around in a crowded kitchen.

Turns out, there’s a LOT more to it. And here at Arctic Spirit, we believe in using the talents of many to achieve the impossible. We need lawyers and financial experts to help us incorporate and set up a legal charitable organization. We need technical people to help with the website and social media, artistic people to help with logos, graphics and communications. We need fundraisers to help us pay for vet bills, administrative costs, and other expenses. We need crafters to help create fundraising wares, transporters, photographers, animal caregivers, veterinarians, groomers, event planners, administrators….the list doesn’t end. And of course, we will always need more foster families. That need will always exist!

And we need them to all work together.

At every step, as a volunteer organization, people have the opportunity to give of themselves, to give their talents and advice and time. Every piece helps complete the puzzle that is rescue, and every gift is important. We have seen many rescues function by a handful of people doing everything. They must be the experts in all fields. And they do save animals. But is that the best way?

When we first started talking about forming Arctic Spirit, we began by asking the question “What if…”

  • What if we could harness people of all strengths together, like a dogsled team harnesses together dogs of different strengths and capabilities to pull a sled Lead dogs, wheel dogs, dogs in between, and some guy (or gal) riding along on a sled to provide consulting advice?
  • What if we consult with real experts on each step rather than thinking we know how to do it?
  • What if we had people with all different gifts, each contributing their own talent and enjoying what they do?
  • What if we could pull all those wonderful talents together, and work as a team to pull the sled?

We decided we liked the answer: We can save a lot of dogs. But more than that, we can make a real difference in educating others in animal care. We can support other rescues, and other rescuers. We can make people’s lives richer, and help lift the burden in hard times. We can help owners saying goodbye to their beloved pets find peace. We can ease the suffering, and fear, that so many beautiful animals endure. We can bring hope and happiness and love to animals and humans alike. And like a dogsled team, we can have a lot of fun doing it! We Can Make a Difference – a big one.

We believe we can only achieve our dream as a team, inspiring others to work with us in this dream. It takes a village. Everyone has a talent, just like every dog has a value. Only by combining our contributions, large and small, can we succeed. Come share your gifts, your talents, your time and energy. We don’t want to drain you. If we all play a part to pull this sled, we can all be amazing!

You will hear us saying “It takes a village” and hopefully you won’t tire of that, because it is at the heart of what we see as the Arctic Spirit.