New friend…maybe?

Huskies and Malamutes are typically friendly pups, always on the lookout for new pals to hang out with. Of course, their exuberance is not always returned by the other party. Some time ago, Lucy and Kosmo tried to… Read More

My dog is chewing everything!

HELP! MY DOG IS CHEWING EVERYTHING! By Jeff Dentler It is true that dogs, especially puppies, chew. A lot! But there are a couple of things to remember when it comes to chewing. Number one: it’s normal. Chewing… Read More

The Little Things

When you welcome a dog into your life it doesn’t take long for you to realize how many wonderful lessons they have to share.  Some are pretty obvious like how easily humans can be manipulated with cute floppy… Read More

TV vs. Reality

We here at Arctic Spirit Rescue are big fans of the television show Parks and Recreation. Two of the characters, April and Andy, have a three-legged Pit Bull named Champion. We love the fact that a special needs… Read More

Kato - Siberian Husky Mix available for adoption.

ADOPTED! – Kato – Siberian Husky Mix

Update: Kato has been adopted! Kato is an 18 month old Siberian Husky mix who has spent too much of his young life in a shelter. He was brought to the shelter at 1 year old, adopted, and… Read More

Back To School Time, And How It Affects Your Dog

By: Jeff Dentler If summer winding down means back to school time for your family, it likely also means a change in your dog’s routine. No more kids to chase. No balls to fetch. The pool is closed…. Read More

Meet Kato – Arctic Spirit Rescue’s First Foster

Kato is an 18 month old Siberian Husky mix who has spent too much of his young life in a shelter. He had been taken to the shelter, adopted, and then returned just a few months later. During… Read More

Our First Rescue!

We started before we began! We knew when we started that before we rescued our first dog we would spend a lot of time and do a lot of work to launch Arctic Spirit. After all, we wanted… Read More

How Hot Is Too Hot? Don’t Leave Dogs In Hot Cars

It’s summer and the heat is on! It’s a great time to remind everyone that our canine friends don’t tolerate the heat as well as we do. They depend upon us to keep them safe and comfortable. One… Read More

Kosmo and the AC vent!

A Husky and His Air Conditioning

Hi, everyone! Lucy here. With the weather rising to unbelievable temperatures with sticky humidity these days, I wanted to tell you a story about my little brother, Kosmo.  Kosmo went to the Rainbow Bridge last summer, so it’s… Read More